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Who Are We?

HackConcordia is a student group at Concordia University that focuses on fostering a community of developers that are using technology to learn about and create amazing things.

about us
about us
Where Am I?

This website is the place to go to get information on upcoming Hackathons and other events that Concordia students will be attending. It's also a great place to go for learning resources to help you get started and improve your projects!

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Hosted in the heart of downtown Montreal, ConUHacks is held every January to a large crowd of students and industry leaders. Our 24-hour hackathon fosters an environment of teamwork and innovation, where students showcase their passion for technology, their creative drive, and their ingenious problem-solving skills.

Our Mission

We believe in learning by doing. By hosting ConUHacks, we create an environment that will spur the creativity of hundreds of students. Over the course of 24 hours, students will work in teams to find solutions to modern challenges, inspiring one another in the process. Their perseverance, ingenuity, and leadership are put on display as they compete for the glory of the best hack!

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